Get your puncture repaired by us at your home or place of work

We bring the expertise of the garage to you with our mobile tyre puncture repair service near me. No need to cancel your plans. No need to wait.


mobile tyre puncture repair services

Punctures have a nasty habit of occurring at the worst possible moments. Whether it’s on the way to work or before you get to the school gates, there’s rarely a convenient time for a puncture to strike. That’s why we’ve developed mobile tyre puncture repair services in Leeds that aim to quickly get you back to the things you love.

We do this by bringing the expertise of the garage to you. That’s right. No need to cancel your plans. No need to wait. If there’s enough space for us to work, we’ll fit your new tyres wherever you are.

Can my tyre puncture be repaired?

While most punctures can be easily repaired, there are some instances where a replacement tyre is needed. We can repair a puncture if:

  • The puncture is within the central three-quarters of the tyre.
  • The tyre’s tread depth is over the legal minimum of 1.6mm.
  • There is no evidence of a previous repair around the puncture.
  • There is no sidewall or shoulder damage to the tyre.
  • There is no run flat damage, which would affect the tyre’s structural make-up.
  • There is no ageing or deterioration of the tyre rubber.


Don’t worry If you think your tyre needs replacing. Simply pick a new set of tyres using our handy search facility and one of our technicians will fit them – at a time and place that suits you.

Puncture repair or replace service

We know even with our handy guidance its hard to determine whether your puncture can be repaired without one of our expert technicians taking a look. At Halfords Tyres On The Drive we offer a Mobile Tyre Puncture Repair Services in Leeds to ensure that if your puncture can’t be repaired, we have a tyre with us to replace right then and there to get you back on the road without delay!

How it works:

  1. Place an order for a replacement tyre on our website
  2. Take a note of your Order number and give us a call on 0333 016 6550 to request the repair or replace service
  3. Our advisor will ensure our technician knows to bring our puncture repair equipment to your appointment
  4. At the fitting, if your puncture is repairable then our technician will repair it, we’ll take the tyre back and refund you the difference in price.

Our Client Reviews

We aim to continuously improve, and every review helps us provide better experiences for everyone.

Fast and efficient service. I was stranded outside my work and they came out straight away and replaced my damaged wheel. Would recommend to everyone.

Devin Mueller
    Devin Mueller


    Brilliant lads. Needed a puncture sorting out and they helped me straight away. They got the job done in no time. Thank you!

    Dave Beech
      Dave Beech


      Great garage and staff, always professional and good service.

      Xavier Mcfarla
        Xavier Mcfarla

        CEO Brand